ExtrabiomesXL 3.16 – RC3 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Well lets try this once again with but with heart. Well we keep on finding small things to add to our fix list for getting EbXL 3.16 to full completion while we are waiting on the last textures for the doors. Another new feature has managed to sneak it’s way into the release this time, something that has long been on our todo list.


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New Stuff/Things You May Not Know

Change Log

  • New Features
    • Slimes now spawn in Green Swamps (Please note due to an incompatibility between Forge and Optifine, if you are playing single player and have Optifine installed slimes will not spawn in the Green Swamp. If you are connected to a server or playing without Optifine slimes will spawn under the same conditions as they would in a vanilla swamp.)
    • Our biomes now have weights that are configurable, allowing some of them to show up more frequently than others. You can also configure them via the config file to make them more likely to spawn. Please keep in mind that these values must be divisible by ten due to a bug is how the selection code works in vanilla/forge.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Sakura fence incorrectly called it’s self an Acacia Fence
    • Scarecrow bug fixes
      • The scarecrow no longer registers itself globally so it should not cause issues with mods like Artifact.
      • The scarecrow should also have it’s name properly show up in mods that can display entity names such as Waila or Thaumcraft.
    • Redrock Stairs were missing the ‘s’ to make them plural.
    • Our food, strawberries, chocolate, and chocolate strawberries now use the 1.7.x food mechanics making the compatible with Hunger Overhaul.
    • Strawberries should now be able to be disable via the config file.

5 thoughts on “ExtrabiomesXL 3.16 – RC3 for Minecraft 1.7.10”

    1. I must be more tired last night than I thought I was, when I wrote the reply. Anyways, in this particular crash it does not appear that we are the cause, though I will need to see the FML log (/logs/fml-client-latest.log).

      Sorry I can’t be of more help at this time, but as this is not a crash I have seen before, I’ll need more details, particularly since the crash report line numbers seem to be giving conflicting messages as to what is going.

    1. I am not completely sure what is going wrong here and until I get a chance to test this out more after work I won’t be sure, but it looks like either another mod that you are using, or MultiMC is making a base edit to vanillia classes that is making it so we are not able to register our biomes.

      Oh and thanks for providing the forge log, as it did provide a better understanding of what was happening even if I don’t know yet exactly what the problem is coming from.

      I won’t be able to track this down till I get off work, and I don’t use multi-mc, as the vanilla launcher does everything that I need so I can’t really tell if it is related to multi-mc, but I haven’t tried with Better World Generation in 1.7 so it could be doing something that is messing with us, so some other mod that I haven’t tested with, though most of the mods on your list I have tried.

      Could you try two things for me and report back:

      A) Try running with just EbXL and see if you are getting the same error?
      B) Try running with the same mods but from the vanilla launcher? (The vanilla launcher allows you to have more than one game directory to handle multiple MC now, you just need to create a launcher profile and then click the edit profile button and then edit the Game Directory to make it use something other than the default directory.)

    2. Ok just had another once over the error log and we have tracked it down to a change made by forge in 1224, that breaks backwards compatibility with mods that add biomes to vanilla world generation. This should be fixed in the final release, while maintaining backwards compatibility.

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