Porting from Worlds Minecraft 1.6.4 to 1.7.10

If on the off event that there is anyone who wants to port an old 1.6.4 world to 1.7.10, here is a quick hotfix for the old 3.15.6 to allow for the corrected names in 1.7.10. Just a word of warning though, though due to a glitch on my end I don’t have the old strawberry code from 1.6.4 so all strawberry stuff will probably be deleted from your world.

Also note that this build is not intended to for general use should only be used to “prep” a world for opening in 1.7.10.

Download Update Build

Ok, so strawberries are in the build that I am working off of, but it is definitely out of date so using this for anything other than prepping a world for use in 1.7.10 is not recommended.

2 thoughts on “Porting from Worlds Minecraft 1.6.4 to 1.7.10”

  1. Hi! I’m trying to use the “prep build” under 1.6.4 to move a world using ExtraBiomes to 1.7, but I’m getting a crash launching the server with that mod installed instead of the regular one.


    This happens on two different machines running either Java 7 (u67) or 8 (u80).

    Any idea what I can do about this? I noticed while trying to port the world over that when I generate new chunks in the world under the 1.7.10 server, it seems to be using all vanilla biomes instead of the EXBL ones.

    Thanks, love the mod!

    1. Sigh, I just now saw this comment. I really don’t know what to tell you as I am unsure what Shecky’s prep build does – I’ve never managed to migrate a world from 1.6 to 1.7 and never seriously tried just because the vanilla biome id changes alone are guaranteed to make a mess of things.

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