Dec 2015 Maintenance Releases

I am currently busy with an entirely unrelated project but found the time this weekend to hammer out fixes for few issues that were brought to my attention with classic EBXL builds. These updates are in testing and will be published to Curse once I receive confirmation from the affected users that everything works for them.

Until then, I’m going to post them here.

MC 1.6.4 – EBXL 3.15.9 (rc)

  • Fixed log renderer registration to avoid some issues when running on servers.
Download: ExtrabiomesXL-1.6.4-3.15.9.jar (775.2 KB)

MC 1.7.10 – EBXL 3.16.4 (rc)

  • Fixed name generation for certain leaf blocks. The old (lazy/broken) behavior was causing problems with Veinminer, Factorization, and probably other mods.
  • Moved stack trace logging when an unfamiliar build of IC2 is detected.
Download: extrabiomesxl_1.7.10-3.16.4.jar (869.9 KB)

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