DevBlog: Autumn Woods, Update 2

Last Thursday night, I finished the rewrite on flowers and flower spawning logic:


Shortly after I finished up with that, I also discussed plans for additional features of the submod with the team. Zenth has knocked out some of the new art for a new plant we are adding, and we’ve discussed which flowers to add to which biome mods.

The current monolithic EBXL builds provide something like 40 flower types (I’m not looking it up right now). Future submods will provide no more than 15 each. As shown in the screenshot above, Autumn currently provides 2 of our legacy flowers plus our autumn shrubs. No other EBXS mod will provide these plants directly – but we will make it possible for them to spawn in other submod biomes if they are available.

On Friday, I started work on the first pass of what will be several on improving tree behavior. Initially, the trees will still be dumb, but I hope to make them slightly less so as time goes on.

And then my computer died. Like physically started shutting itself off. So… yeah. I’m working to isolate the failed component – but don’t expect to have a good desktop at home again any time soon. In the mean time, I’m still working on the mod in less than ideal dev conditions.

So… I really shouldn’t make promises, because things like this always happen :P. I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress.

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