DevBlog: Autumn Woods, Update 3

Well, now that’s more like it.


We have flowers and trees. The trees drop the right kind of saplings, and those saplings can be used to make more trees.

The flowers aren’t usable as dye yet – and the custom autumn wood furniture isn’t available yet, but this is a good point to have reached, and I will be releasing the first public alpha of Core and Autumn today for those who want to mess around with things.

Remaining Todo Items:

  • Add wild onions.
  • Add a few more flowers.
  • Add a few new types of mushrooms.
  • Add japanese maple and sakura trees.
  • Make tree generation more cpu friendly.
  • Add cherries.
  • Flesh out remaining recipes for wood and flowers.
  • Add upstream version checking to Core.

Once I’ve knocked all of that out, we’ll declare the Autumn submod feature complete. While I’m waiting for some art, I will be starting up on the Meadow submod. Hopefully, I will be able to spin out a basic alpha of it very quickly since it doesn’t require very much in the way of new logic.

The alpha builds will be listed on Curse, NEM, and here soon.

See here for download links.

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