DevBlog: Meadows and Onions and Git (oh my?)

So, there are usable builds of the mod available to the public. Some dozen people have even downloaded the thing and are presumably wondering what all the fuss is all about.

After all, the code isn’t public yet, and I haven’t even replicated all of the features of the original EBXL components I am recreating. Both of these will change quickly.

As far as source visibility questions go, I am currently developing in private Gitlab repositories visible only to the core EBXL team. This is the result of a few problems we had doing things the more traditional way during EBXL3.14-3.16’s development cycle. There’s no reason to go into specifics right now, but chief among the problems was the issue of account ownership. I have full control of the Gitlab account, so can do what I need with it.

In a few days, when I have multiple submods preparing for a shift from alpha to beta status and am happier with the way the core mod works, then I will make the code visible to the public – and will gladly begin accepting PR’s there. It will still likely be hosted on Gitlab for the time being, but that could change.

That said, the next submod I am going to start work on is Meadows. This is largely because there are no fundamental features of the planned Meadow mod that I do not already have implemented as part of either Core or Autumn.

Once Meadows is in alpha, I am hopeful that Zenth will have caught up on the art backlog, and I will be able to resume work on adding onions and mushrooms to Autumn.

We don’t plan on adding very much food to the general biome mods, but we will add a decent amount. The total current plan includes:

  1. strawberries (identical to those currently provided by EBXL)
  2. onions
  3. mushrooms (more than one type)
  4. rice
  5. cherries (from sakura trees)
  6. one more thing as of yet tbd

And that’s it. We will add a few basic recipes for each of these raw ingredients – ie, while you will be able to eat them raw, it will be possible to process them further to improve their nutritional value.

We have dozens of fruit trees and other crop types planned – but none of those will go into base biome mods. They belong in the farming submod that I discussed a year ago.

So… I’m working steadily on things. I may take a break now and again to work on Carnivora or MCUpdater, but EBXS is still my #1 priority. I’m even working on the mod instead of working on my Kerbal Space Station 🙂

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