EBXS Autumn Woods 0.0 alpha (update: 0.0.1)

The AutumnWoods alpha release is now available to the brave. Seriously, don’t download and use this, it’s only meant for testing – but I’m pretty sure some people will want to poke at things anyway, so this is for them.

Both mods are required.

Things will probably go poorly if EBXL is installed at the same time, so please don’t do that 🙂

Any bugs should be reported on the Extrabiomes MCF thread for now.

Update: The original 0.0(.0) build has been rendered obsolete by 0.0.1, which while not much of a change is much better in practice.

Changelog 0.0.1

  • Added en_US localization.
  • Added plank recipes for autumn logs.
  • Fixed minor performance issue at chunk generation time.

3 thoughts on “EBXS Autumn Woods 0.0 alpha (update: 0.0.1)”

  1. Does this alpha support servers? Server won’t start with it, but I haven’t run into any issues in single-player. Looking forward to additional things coming in the future.

    1. There were problems with older builds on servers, but anything as of Core 0.1.3 should run fine in multiplayer. I’m actually playing right now on our test server 🙂

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